The CCASS Depository accepts deposits of physical share certificates of Eligible Securities from Participants for settlement and safe custody. Participants are responsible to HKSCC for the good title of the securities they deposit into the CCASS Depository.

Each Investor Participant is allocated with one “all-purpose” stock account; whereas each Participant other than an Investor Participant is allocated with one stock clearing account for settlement purpose and one entitlement account for receiving benefit entitlements. If needed, Participants other than Investor Participants can request for additional stock segregated accounts for internal record keeping and reconciliation purposes. All stock balances are recorded electronically. Details of stock movements / balances in these accounts are available for enquiry or in report form through CCASS terminals.

Shares held in the CCASS Depository are registered in the name of HKSCC Nominees Limited, the common nominee. They are fungible and not earmarked to any particular Participant. This does not change the beneficial ownership of the shares. Normally, the shares deposited by Participants other than Investor Participants are credited immediately to their stock accounts in CCASS. With the immediate credit, Participants other than Investor Participants are able to continue settling their delivery obligations in CCASS, even when the share certificates have been submitted for registration into the name of the common nominee.

Defective Securities

Participants may withdraw physical share certificates from the CCASS Depository based on their available stock balances in CCASS.

The depository facilities include a service counter hall and two vaults with a total capacity of over 10 million share certificates.

Updated 17 Nov 2014