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Participants Shareholding Reports (For Listed Issuers)

What is a CCASS Participants Shareholding Report?

A CCASS Participants Shareholding Report ("PSH Report") contains the shareholding records of CCASS Participants in CCASS on a specified date in respect of particular listed securities which have been admitted into CCASS. The PSH Report shows the shareholding of all CCASS Participants (i.e. Direct Clearing Participants ("DCP")/General Clearing Participants ("GCP"), Custodian Participants, Stock Lender Participants, Stock Pledgee Participants, Clearing Agency Participants and Investor Participants).


Who can Request for PSH Reports?

Listed companies' Directors and other duly authorized person(s) can request for PSH Reports related to the securities issued by their own listed company and admitted into CCASS.


Which date(s) of PSH Report(s) can be retrieved?

Each PSH Report shows shareholding information on a particular day. Shareholding information for the past 12 months can be retrieved. All the shareholding information shown in the reports reflects the shareholdings of Participants after settlement of trades. All Exchange trades are required to be settled on T+2 (T= Trading Day), other than the trades for China Connect Securities that are to be settled on T+0.


How to request for PSH Reports?

PSH Reports can be requested via fax. For details, please refer to the following procedures or call our Hotline (852) 2211 6253.



  • Complete and sign a prescribed form – “Request for CCASS Participants Shareholding Report” ("Request Form"). 

  • Return the duly signed Request Form to Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited (“HKSCC”) via fax at (852) 2539 0607 before 3:45 p.m. Monday to Friday (except public holiday).
  • Call Hotline at (852) 2211 6253 to confirm the receipt of the Request Form.

    Notes :

    Unless the FPS arrangement and Standing Instruction of PSH Reports have been set up, HKSCC only accepts the request for PSH Reports as of future date(s) when the shareholding date(s) of such reports fall within the week following the requisition day.
    In order to prevent security exposure, the PSH Report saved in CD-ROM format will be encrypted and saved with protected password.  HKSCC will send the password by email to the Requestor at the email address provided in the Request Form.

Standing Instruction
Listed companies that have set up FPS arrangement for payment of PSH Reports can submit a Standing Instruction for requesting PSH Reports as at a specified day on a regular basis. Please complete the following forms: 

            »  Request for CCASS Participants Shareholding Report - Standing Instruction


  • The request of change of Standing Instruction should be submitted to HKSCC in writing via fax before 12:00 noon on the printing date of PSH Report (i.e. the shareholding date). The original should reach HKSCC before the close of business on the day immediately after the fax transmission date.

  • In case a shareholding date falls on Sunday or public holiday (collectively referred to as “holidays”), the PSH Report as of the business day preceding the holidays will be printed. 

Collection of PSH Reports


  • PSH Reports are available for collection at the following address and time after the day of requisition:

          Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited 
          1/F One & Two Exchange Square
          8 Connaught Place, Central 
          Hong Kong 

            Monday ~ Friday (except public holiday) 10:00 a.m. ~ 5:30 p.m.


  • Items to be produced upon collection of PSH Reports

    1. Company chop of the listed company or that of the third party so authorized by the listed issuer to collect the report; 
    2. Original duly signed Request Form; and 
    3. Proof of the remittance via Faster Payment System (FPS), or a cheque made payable to "Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited" for the fee incurred (HK$500.00 per stock per report) issued by the listed company or an authorized third party in the event that no FPS arrangement is set up.


Updated 20 Sep 2023