ETF & Leveraged and Inverse Product Overview


Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), which include Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Leveraged and Inverse Products (L&I Products), are one of the fastest growing investment products in the world transforming the way investors access financial markets and build investment portfolios. As of June 2020, ETPs have globally amassed US$6.3 trillion in assets under management and traded over US$8.8 trillion in value year-to-date.

In 1999 HKEX launched the first ETF, since then Hong Kong has continued to be a leading ETP market attracting issuers, liquidity providers and investors resulting in the formation of Asia’s ETP hub.

As Asia’s ETP hub, Hong Kong offers a diverse set of products and a deep pool of liquidity.

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HKEX Listed Exchange Traded Products (ETPs)
Exchange Traded Funds

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is an open-end fund that can be bought and sold on a stock exchange. It can be actively managed, seeking to outperform a market index; or passively managed, seeking to match the performance of a market index.

Leverage and Inversed ETF
Leveraged and Inverse Products

A Leveraged and Inverse Product (L&I Product) is a leveraged ETF that seeks to achieve short-term investment results that correspond to the daily leveraged (2x) or daily inverse (up to -2x) of the underlying benchmark.  Download L&I Product Leaflet