Real Estate Investment Trusts

A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a collective investment scheme that aims to deliver a source of recurrent income to investors through focused investment in a portfolio of income-generating properties such as shopping malls, offices, hotels and service apartments in Hong Kong and/or overseas.

REITs provide regular income distribution to investors. All or the majority of a REIT’s net income after tax is paid to investors in the form of dividends at regular intervals. According to existing SFC regulations, the dividend payout ratio of a REIT has to be at least 90 per cent. Investors should note that the amount available for distribution will also be adjusted for losses/gains from real estate revaluation or disposal.

REITs are mainly regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and must be authorised by the SFC before they can be listed on the Stock Exchange. An SFC-authorised REIT is governed by the SFC’s Code on Real Estate Investment Trusts and the relevant listing rules issued by the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Since a REIT that is authorised for sale in Hong Kong must be listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, investors can buy and sell units of REITs similar to stocks at the Stock Exchange.However investors should be aware that REITs may trade at a premium or discount to their respective net asset values (NAV).

Investors should refer to individual REITs' listing documents and announcements for details. The documents can be found at the "Listed Company Information" section of the HKExnews website. Investors may also consult their brokers or investment advisers for details.

Naming Conventions for REITs


Q - Up to 15 characters representing the name of the listed fund

R - Indicator for products traded in Renminbi (RMB)

The above naming convention for products traded in Renminbi comes into effect on 23 May 2012.  The stock short name of respective product types listed before 23 May 2012 will remain unchanged.
During the parallel trading period, if any, there will be indicators used to distinguish the original and the temporary trading stock counters.

Updated 25 Jun 2018

Current Stock Code Allocation Plan for REITs

Stock Codes To be allocated for new listing of
Ranges Sub-ranges
00001-09999 Securities listed on the Main Board and Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) and information pages

Products traded in Renminbi
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Unit Trusts/Mutual Funds other than ETFs 

Updated 11 Apr 2017