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CNH London Tin Mini Futures

CNH London Tin Mini Futures contracts are the second batch of Renminbi (RMB)-traded London Metal Mini Futures contracts offered by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX). They complement the HKEX’s CNH London Aluminium/Zinc/Copper Mini Futures contracts, which were launched on 1 December 2014. Nickel, Tin and Lead are among the most liquid futures contracts on the London Metal Exchange (LME) along with Aluminium, Zinc and Copper. As each of the six metals has distinctive characteristics, uses and supply-and-demand dynamics, HKEX’s CNH London Metal Mini Futures can meet the various needs of base metals users, producers and investors, particularly those who are based in Asia and want to be able to buy and sell futures contracts during their business day.


Contract Specification

Contract CNH London Tin Mini Futures
Underlying Tin as defined in the rules and regulations of The London Metal Exchange from time to time
Contract Size 1 tonne
Trading Currency RMB
Contract Months Spot Month and the next 11 calendar months
Minimum Fluctuation RMB 10.00 per tonne
Trading Hours1
(Hong Kong Time)
9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (day trading session) and
5:15 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. the next morning (after-hours trading session)
Trading Hours on Last Trading Day
(Hong Kong Time)
9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (day trading session) and
5:15 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. (after-hours trading session during British Summer Time)
5:15 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. (after-hours trading session outside British Summer Time)
Last Trading Day
The LTD is determined by the LME for its Tin Futures Contract (i.e. usually two business days before the third Wednesday of the Spot Month). If it is not a Trading Day, the LTD shall be the immediately preceding Trading Day.
Final Settlement Price Shall be a whole number, determined by the Clearing House, and shall be the Official Settlement Price determined and published by the LME for its Tin Futures, and converted to RMB equivalent using the USD/CNY(HK) Spot Rate published by the Treasury Markets Association in Hong Kong at or around 11:30 a.m. Hong Kong time on the Last Trading Day. It is rounded up if the figure in the first decimal place is 5 or above and rounded down if it is below 5
Settlement Type Cash-settled
Holiday Schedule Follow HKFE holiday schedule
Exchange Fee2
(per contract per side)
RMB 3.00
 Settlement Fee (per lot) RMB 1.20
Commission Levy RMB 0.44**
Investor Compensation Levy3
The collection of Investor Compensation Levy is currently suspended and no person is required to pay since 2005.
Commission Rate Negotiable
Calendar spreads Cover Spot Month and the nearest11 serial months

Notes : 
1. There is no trading after 12:30 p.m. on the eves of Christmas, New Year and the Lunar New Year.  The trading hours on those three days shall be 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  There is no after-hours trading session if it is a bank holiday in the United Kingdom, the United States or the People’s Republic of China.

2. The amount indicated above is subject to change by the Exchange from time to time.

** The RMB equivalent of HK$0.54 per contract at the exchange rate determined by the Exchange from time to time.

3. Investor Compensation Levy
-  If the SFC is to publish a termination of exemption notice, the effective date of the reinstatement of the ICL, if any, shall not be earlier than 2 months after the date of such publication.
-  EPs are reminded to take all necessary actions to prepare for the ICL calculation and payment of ICL via HKEX in case the ICL is reinstated by the SFC, including enhancing their HKATS Application Programming Interface, back office systems, relevant applications and operational facilities.

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