Davos Digested
15 mins

Flags in DavosTo be here flying the flag for Hong Kong and our global markets was therefore especially meaningful this year.  Over the course of 50 meetings and events, more than 10 media interviews, and a host of dinners and lunches, the home team talked IPOs, connectivity, China, fintech, greentech, the Greater Bay Area and ESG. There was a hunger to hear what was happening in our part of the world and we took the opportunity to share our story and address misconceptions. It was clear that the lack of travel and face-to-face engagement over the last two years has hindered global understanding and perceptions.

In almost every conversation, there was surprise expressed about Hong Kong’s resilience, the vibrancy of our capital markets, and the immense opportunities we see ahead.That surprise was good, because it meant that our messages were landing. We enthusiastically conveyed our commitment to these and to our continuing international role. And that really is why we are here.

An unusual Davos this year, but an important one. It was a privilege to be back after a two-year absence and I come away as I always do exhilarated, energized and thoughtful. And of course, exhausted.

To next year. Spring please, Mr. Schwab!