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Client Connect has become the mandatory channel to submit digitalized requests when related eServices are available. Participants should sign-up for Client Connect by submitting the completed the CCDA Form.

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Updated 28 Feb 2018

Clearing Participantship application process update – With effect from 2 January 2018, an applicant applying for Clearing Participantship of HKSCC must become a Type 1 SFC licensed entity before submitting the operations and risk control plan for HKEX’s review. HKEX has also updated the information / documentation needed for Clearing Participantship application as set out in more details in the Explanatory Notes for Application for Participantship and Trading Right. Applicants who have already submitted the operations and risk control plan or submitting their plans to HKEX on or before 31 January 2018 based on the guidelines provided by HKEX prior to 2 January 2018 will not be affected by the changes unless being informed otherwise by the HKEX.

Removal of company chop requirement – With effect from 6 April 2017, a company chop will not need to be affixed to any forms or documents submitted to HKSCC unless a Participant / Designated Bank notifies HKSCC that a company chop is required. For more details, please refer to the Circular dated 6 March 2017.

*Form submission channel – All forms or documents can be submitted to HKSCC in original. Moreover, certain forms duly signed by the authorised signatory(ies) can also be submitted by email or fax as set out in the table below. Please contact CCASS Hotline at 2979-7111 if you have any query of the submission channel.

Updated 29 Dec 2017

Participant/Member Admission

Forms / eServices Form # / eService ID Reference Submission Channels*
Email Fax Client Connect 
Application for Participantship and Trading Right 1 Explanatory Notes 

Financial Statement 1E

Personal Information Collection Statement  4A

Direct Clearing Participant Agreement nil  

Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner of United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Entities) W-8BEN-E Instructions for Form
Operational Setup Forms - Company Particulars Form for New CCASS Participants CCASS-Form 75

Operational Setup Forms - Non-Investor Participant HKD Debit Authorisations and Authorisation to Disclose Information Form CCASS-Form 76 List of Designated Banks for CCASS Non-Investor Participants  

Operational Setup Forms - Application for Installation of CCASS Terminal(s)   CCASS-Form 77 CCASS/3 Terminal Installation Procedure

Information related to SDNet/2

Operational Setup Forms - CCASS/CCMS SDNet Line Service Notification

G-Form 7

Operational Setup Forms - User Profile for Delegated Administrator for New Participant G-Form 13             

Guidance Notes

Administration Right Listing


User Access Level Assignment

Operational Setup Forms - Client Connect Delegated Administrator Rights Application / Maintenance Form G-Form 11
Explanatory Notes      
RAP Registration and Maintenance for HKSCC or HKCC / SEOCH or Share Registrar TechS 8       yes
VaR Online Delegated Administrator Rights Application / Maintenance Form DA 1       yes
Operational Setup Forms - Stock Segregated Account Maintenance Form for New Participant CCASS-Form 80 Guidance Note

Operational Setup Forms - List of Authorised Signatories with Specimen Signatures G-Form 9

Operational Setup Forms - Authorisation to HKSCC on Causing Endorsements to be made on Instruments of Transfer as Selling Broker's Agent CCASS-Form 81 Explanatory Notes

Appendix I

Appendix II

Appendix III


Updated 07 Nov 2023

Participant/Member Account Maintenance

Forms / eServices Form # / eService ID Reference Submission Channels*
Email Fax Client Connect

CCASS/ CCMS Delegated Administrator Application/ Maintenance Form

DA 3       yes
CCASS / CCMS User Account Application Form

DA 4

Change of Company Name

AC 9

Change of Authorised Signatories
AC 11
Update Bank Account AC 12       yes

Change of Company Particulars and Contact Persons

AC 13 
Stock Segregated Account - Without Statement Maintenance Request to HKSCC AC 14
Request for Retrieving DCASS/CCMS/CCASS Reports and Data Files
RR 1
Request for Maintenance of Day-End Standing Instruction on Redelivery of Surplus Cash CCASS-Form 56
yes yes  
CCASS-Form 57         
CCASS-Form 82        
Termination of Participantship - Payment Authorisation for Refund of SI and Stock Withdrawal Fees - Attachment 1B CCASS-Form 83        
Termination of Participantship - Certified True Extract of Minutes of the Board of Directors – attachment 1C CCASS-Form 84        
Termination of Participantship - Application Form for Scrip Fee Concession due to Business Restructuring – attachment 2A CCASS-Form 85 Notes and Procedures

Termination of Participantship - Confirmation of Shareholdings – attachment 2B CCASS-Form 86        
CCASS-Form 87        
CCASS-Form 88        

G-Form 7

  yes yes  
G-Form 10
Termination of Participantship - Change of Authorised Signatories AC 11       yes
Termination of Participantship - Change of Company Particulars and Contact Persons AC 13       yes
Forms Form # Reference Additional submission Channels*
Email Fax

Participantship - Others

Updated 19 Aug 2020


Updated 18 Aug 2020