Market Turnover


Guiding Notes

On Reporting
Guiding Note for Audit Metering System
  Guiding Note on Monthly Subscriber and/or Individual User Report Summary and Detailed Subscriber and/or Individual User Report
Guiding Note on Reporting and Payment Requirements for Real-time Data Services   (for Licensed Information Vendors / for Licensed End-Users)
On Use and Source of Market Data
Guiding Note on Use of Hang Seng Family of Indexes
Guiding Note on Use of Index Information Supplied by China Securities Index Company Limited
Guiding Note for the Use of HKEX Market Data at HKEX Hosting Data Centre
Guiding Note on Non-Display Usage 
     Information Sheet (Related to Non-Display Usage)
Guiding Note for Independent Software Vendors for Test Service 
On Service Arrangements
Guiding Note on Third Party Service
Guiding Note on Free Trial Unit for Securities and Derivatives Market Data
        Application Form for Free Trial Units
Guiding Note on Editorial Package for Securities and Derivatives Market Data
Guiding Note on Business Support Unit for Securities and Derivatives Market Data
        Business Support Unit Application Form
Guiding Note on Charge Per Unit Time Service
Guiding Note for Switching for Usage Based Services
Guiding Note on Appointment of Service Facilitator
Guiding Note on Basic Market Prices Service (English Version / 中文版本)
     Service Checklist for Basic Market Prices Service (English Version / 中文版本)
       Report for Basic Market Prices Service
  Guiding Note on Service Update

Guiding Note on Market Data Packages for the Mainland Market (English Version / 繁体中文 / 简体中文)
       Checklist for Mobile Application Service (Mainland) (English Version / 中文版本)
On Marketing Programmes

 Guiding Note on the Marketing Programme for Level 1 Mobile Application Service
Guiding Note on OMD Free Trial Programme
Guiding Note on Marketing Programme for New Derivatives Products (English Version / 繁体中文 / 简体中文)
Declaration Form for Entitlement of 20 Free Market Data Display Terminals