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HKEX to Introduce New Stock Option Classes

04 Mar 2020

  • Five new Stock Options to be introduced on 23 March
  • Stock Options average daily turnover exceeds 520,000 contracts in first two months of 2020
  • Trading of eight Stock Futures and two Stock Options will be discontinued on 30 March 


Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is pleased to announce today (Wednesday) the launch of five new stock option classes on Monday, 23 March 2020.

Stock options trading volumes at HKEX have been very active this year, with average daily turnover of over 520,000 contracts, a 17.6 per cent increase compared with the average daily turnover in 2019.

HKEX is inviting applications for market makers for the new options.

New Option Classes to be introduced:


Underlying Stock Name (Stock Code)

Contract Size (shares)

No. of Board Lots Expiry Months Available on the Commencement Day
WH Group Ltd (288) 2,500 5

Mar 20, Apr 20, May 20, Jun 20,
Sep 20, Dec 20, & Mar 21

Techtronic Industrial Co Ltd (669) 500  1 
Sino Biopharmaceutical Ltd (1177) 5,000 5
ANTA Sports Products Ltd (2020) 1,000 1
Shenzhou International Group Holdings Ltd (2313)  1,000  5 


Separately, HKEX will discontinue trading in several stock futures and options contracts on 30 March 2020 by taking the following actions:

  • No new contract months / new expiry months or series will be introduced for trading; and
  • All existing futures contract months / option series will be available for trading until expiry.

Stock Futures Contracts to be discontinued:

Underlying Stock Name (Stock Code)

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited (293)
Li & Fung Limited (494)
Fosun International Ltd (656)
Semiconductor Manufacturing Int’l Corp (981)
China Southern Airlines Co Ltd (1055)
CRRC Corporation Ltd (1766)
China Oilfield Services Ltd (2883)
Huatai Securities Co Ltd (6886)

Stock Option Contracts to be discontinued:

Underlying Stock Name (Stock Code)

Li & Fung Limited (494)
Standard Chartered PLC (2888)

Details of the new options; and discontinued stock futures and stock options are available in the circulars issued today.  General stock futures and stock options contract summaries are posted on the HKEX website.


About HKEX

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is one of the world’s major exchange groups, and operates a range of equity, commodity, fixed income and currency markets. HKEX is the world’s leading IPO market and as Hong Kong’s only securities and derivatives exchange and sole operator of its clearing houses, it is uniquely placed to offer regional and international investors access to Asia’s most vibrant markets.

HKEX is also the global leader in metals trading, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, The London Metal Exchange (LME) and LME Clear Limited.  This commodity franchise was further enhanced with the launch of Qianhai Mercantile Exchange, in China, in 2018.

HKEX launched the pioneering Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect programme in 2014, further expanded with the launch of Shenzhen Connect in 2016, and the launch of Bond Connect in 2017.



Updated 16 Jul 2020