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HKEX to Offer Meituan Futures and Options and Include Meituan on Key Lists

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14 Sep 2018
  • Meituan Futures and Options to be introduced on 20 September
  • Issuers can list Meituan derivative warrants when Meituan shares debut
  • Meituan shares to be included in Designated Securities Eligible for Short Selling when they begin trading


Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) announced today (Friday) the following initiatives in connection with plans of Meituan Dianping (Meituan, stock code: 3690) to list its shares at HKEX on 20 September 2018.

1.  Meituan Futures and Options

Meituan Futures and Options will be introduced on 20 September 2018, subject to the listing of Meituan shares at HKEX on that date.

Selected Details of Meituan Futures and Options

Contract Multiplier (Futures)/
Contract Size (Options)

Contract Months/Expiry Months
Available for Trading on 20 September 2018


Contract Months for Futures:
Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 2018; Mar 2019

Expiry Months for Options:
Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 2018; Mar, Jun, Sep 2019

For further details, please see the Meituan Futures and Options circulars issued today and the Product section of the HKEX website.

2.  Listing of Meituan Derivative Warrants

HKEX informed issuers they can list derivative warrants on Meituan shares when the shares debut on HKEX’s securities market, as they will be added to the list of shares which can be used as underlying securities for derivative warrants then. 

Investors should refer to the issuers’ launch announcements on the HKEXnews website for information about the warrants.

Inclusion of Meituan Shares in Designated Securities for Short Selling

Meituan shares will also be included in HKEX’s designated securities eligible for short selling on 20 September, subject to their listing at HKEX on that date.

For details of short-selling at HKEX, please see the HKEX website’s Services section.



Updated 03 Dec 2018