Updated : 23 Jan 2021
Our commitment to promote and progress our financial markets goes hand-in-hand with our people who deliver it.
At HKEX, we believe in developing our people so that they can excel in their current job, as well as future proof their capabilities to build their career for the long term.  A learn-it-all mindset is encouraged, and we value curiosity in every level of our organsation; and support our colleague's desire to grow and to push themselves to new heights. We encourage you to take advantage of our wide range of opportunities.
You will have access to structured courses, digital learning, mentoring and whole host of formal, informal and social learning for continuing your development. These will focus on leadership, personal effectiveness, and business and technical skills.
You’ll build your confidence and gain different perspectives by tapping into the knowledge of people working alongside you, who include some of the industry’s brightest minds.