Updated : 20 Nov 2020

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and the London Metal Exchange are actively engaging on WeChat with three accounts.

HKEX Pulse and LME Pulse push information on special events directly to your mobile phone for free in English and Chinese. If you’re interested in receiving all announcements from HKEX or the LME, we recommend you follow HKEX on Twitter or LME on Twitter. You can also receive news releases via RSS.

Our newest account is Stock Connect, available only in Chinese. It provides important information on Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect including real-time market data, stock code look-ups, company announcements, quota balances, turnover data, most actively traded stocks, press releases, index tracking and much more.

You can follow all of the accounts by scanning the QR codes below:

HKEX Pulse HKEX Pulse
LME Pulse LME Pulse
TongStock Connect