At HKEX, the Board and senior management are accountable for, among other priorities, ensuring the relevance and effectiveness of our CSR strategy and related activities.

CSR Committee
The Board has delegated the day-to-day responsibility for all CSR-related matters to the CSR Committee.

The CSR Committee consists of 5 Board members, including the HKEX Board Chairman who acts as the CSR Committee's chairman, the Chief Executive of HKEX and 3 other Board members. Reporting to the Board on a regular basis, the CSR Committee is responsible for providing direction on and overseeing the development and implementation of HKEX’s CSR initiatives in relation to corporate sustainability, environmental protection and philanthropic and community investment.

CSR Working Group 
Under the oversight and direction of the CSR Committee, the CSR Working Group which comprises senior management across different divisions/departments is responsible for providing executive-level guidance, advice and support for the implementation of CSR initiatives.

CSR Coordinators
CSR coordinators nominated from different divisions and departments are responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of a CSR management system, as well as promoting CSR awareness amongst employees.

Our Policies
Our CSR policies guide our business and operational decision-making; taking into account our responsibility to the market, our people, the community and the environment. It provides guidance on integrating the sustainability principles into everything that we do.