Updated : 17 Dec 2020

Helping our employees to stay safe, fit and healthy is a priority for us. It contributes to productivity, reduces absenteeism and creates an engaging, positive and rewarding environment for our people.

Our tailored health & wellbeing programmes support all our employees across our markets; helping everyone to maintain their health and give of their best.

  • Your Physical wellness: focuses on encouraging colleagues with their fitness routines and in adopting healthy habits through initiatives such as our Wellness Week and onsite gym and other sport facilities.
  • Your Emotional wellness: promotes a supportive working environment and offers seminars on mental wellbeing. Our employee assistance programme is available 24/7/365; helping our colleagues and their families to meet life's challenges. 
  • Your Social wellness: strives to make connections and strengthen partnerships across the workplace and in the community. We run Family Fun days, Volunteering activities, and a wide-range of company sponsored interest clubs, and much more!
  • Your Financial wellness: supports our colleagues to remain financially fit for their future through offering sessions about pension planning and wealth management; helping to meet their aspirations.