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The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited is pleased to announce the introduction of weekly expiries for selected single stock option classes by the end of 2024, subject to market readiness and regulatory approval. The launch date will be announced in due course.

Weekly stock options serve the trading and risk management needs of participants in response to short-term or specific events, such as the release of economic figures and earnings announcements.



Relatively lower option premiums resulting from shorter time to expiry.


Able to hedge precise, time-specific risks


List of Stock Option Class with Weekly Expiries 

No. Stock Code Underlying Stock Name HKATS Code
1 5 HSBC Holdings Plc.
2 388 Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited HEX
3 700 Tencent Holdings Limited  TCH
 4  1024  Kuaishou Technology  KST
 5  1211  BYD Company Limited  BYD
 6  2318  Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.  PAI
 7  3690  Meituan  MET
 8  9618, Inc.  JDC
 9  9888  Baidu, Inc.   BIU
 10  9988  Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.  ALB


Technical Documentation

Sample files for reference 

  1. Capital Adjustment Series (“TP011”)
  2. Automatic Exercise Information for stock options report (“TP013”)
  3. Daily Trading Activity & Open Positions Summary (“DTOP”) 
  4. Daily Risk Parameter file (“RPF”, ”RP006” and “RP009”)
  5. Weekly Series Information 
  6. LOP report specification
  7. LOP report template

Updated 27 May 2024