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The world needs immediate, effective and global climate action to secure our sustainable future. With the launch of Core Climate, HKEX is committed to building a one-stop international voluntary carbon marketplace that helps connect capital and resources with climate-related opportunities in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Asia and beyond.

The time is now - for us, for tomorrow and for the generations to come.

Laura M Cha
HKEX Chairman
Concentric O
Introducing Core Climate

Core Climate is a new marketplace that connects capital with climate-related products and opportunities in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Asia and beyond.

Our ambition is to provide an easy-access, one-stop, integrated carbon marketplace that includes trading, custody and settlement functions for corporates, investors and project owners across the climate value chain, contributing to the realisation of global carbon neutrality goals.

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Trading platform .
Through Core Climate, corporates and investors can source, purchase, settle and retire voluntary carbon credits in phases. Carbon credits on the platform come from quality, internationally-certified carbon projects from across the world, including carbon avoidance and reduction projects such as deforestation avoidance and renewable energy, as well as CO2 removal projects such as reforestation.
Trusted marketplace .
The platform provides best-in-class market infrastructure and effective, transparent and certified carbon credits and instruments that corporates and investors can use to deliver on their commitment to net zero. All carbon credits generated by projects listed on Core Climate are issued under international standards, such as Verified Carbon Standard under VERRA.
Global community .
In collaboration with members of the International Carbon Market Council, as well as key stakeholders and partners across the climate value chain, Core Climate builds on Hong Kong’s position as a leading global financial centre, and connects capital with climate-related products and opportunities in Hong Kong, Mainland China and globally.
"We see Core Climate as core infrastructure which can mobilise the investment needed to fund new climate projects, technologies and business models. This will accelerate the shared net-zero transition and secure a sustainable future for coming generations."
Glenda So   
Glenda So
Group Head of Emerging Business & FIC
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Core Climate Benefits

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By connecting corporates and investors who want to help with those that have the tools to mend the planet, we will provide assurance that change is being made.
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By providing best-in-class market infrastructure with a robust product and client ecosystem, our goal is to develop a vibrant and liquid international voluntary carbon marketplace.
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By offering a simple and easily accessible one-stop solution, we facilitate sourcing, trading, settlement and retirement of all types of well-governed and internationally-certified carbon credits projects under one roof.
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By creating a platform that brings together climate action ideas, capital and dialogue between East and West, we will expedite the global low-carbon transition journey at scale.

The Hong Kong International
Carbon Market Council

HKEX is partnering with leading Hong Kong, Mainland China and international corporates and financial institutions to explore carbon opportunities in the region, helping to shape Hong Kong’s growth as Asia’s premier carbon hub.


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Learn More About Carbon
Carbon markets, explained.

Carbon markets can’t wait because climate change won’t and as the drive to curb global warming gathers pace, building efficient voluntary carbon markets is a step on our path to net zero. As carbon markets are still in their infancy in Asia, here we provide our stakeholders with the basics to help them embark on their journey.


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Meet Our Team

Carbon markets can’t wait because climate change won't. Contact our team to find out how we can move the climate agenda forward, together.


Core bio Glenda

Glenda So

Group Head of Emerging Business & FIC
Core bio Ken

Ken Chiu

Senior Vice President, Head of Carbon & ESG Products
Core bio Alys

Alys Pun

Senior Vice President, Carbon & ESG Products

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