Driving Exciting Changes for Our Connect Programme
Apr 12, 2023

Over the years, Stock Connect has become the key channel for offshore investments in China, with 70% international investments accessing the A-shares market through this programme.

Mao Zhirong
Head of Mainland Development

In the latest episode of HKEXVoice, HKEX Head of Mainland Development Mao Zhirong introduced the latest expansion of Stock Connect, which added more than 1,000 stocks for Northbound trading and saw the inclusion of international companies in Southbound Stock Connect for the first time. He noted that this change enables eligible international companies to directly tap the Mainland market while supporting Mainland investors’ access to these companies in a familiar market environment.

He further spoke about the enhancement of the Stock Connect trading calendar, which will add roughly 10 more trading days under the programme each year. He used this recent development, along with Bond Connect and the inclusion of ETFs in Stock Connect, as examples to illustrate the innovative design of the Connect programme that has successfully linked the Hong Kong and Mainland markets despite their different market practices.  He added that Swap Connect, the HKD-RMB Dual Counter Model and the launch of China Treasury Bond Futures in Hong Kong are initiatives to look forward to in the year ahead, further deepening access across markets, connecting China and the world.