Market Turnover



认可交收仓库 地区
1 Bank of China 香港
2 Brink's Hong Kong Ltd. 香港
3 HKIA Precious Metals DepositoryLtd. 香港
4 Loomis International (HK) Ltd. 香港
5 Malca-Amit Far East Ltd. 香港
6 Bank of England 英国
7 Brink’s Limited 英国
8 G4S Cash Solutions (UK) Limited 英国
9 HSBC Bank plc 英国
10 ICBC Standard Bank 英国
11 JP Morgan Chase 英国
12 Loomis International (UK) Ltd 英国
13 Malca-Amit Commodities Ltd 英国
14 Brink's, Inc. 美国
15 Delaware Depository 美国
16 HSBC Bank USA 美国
17 International Depository Services of Delaware 美国
18 JP Morgan Chase Bank NA 美国
19 Malca-Amit USA, LLC 美国
20 Manfra, Tordella & Brookes, Inc. 美国
21 ScotiaMocatta Depository 美国


认可精炼厂 国家 / 地区 详情/描述/细列
1 ABC Refinery (Australia) Pty Ltd
The letters "ABC" within a circle superimposed on a graphical representation of an ABC Bullion 1oz ingot
2 Western Australian Mint (trading as The Perth Mint)1 澳洲 THE PERTH MINT AUSTRALIA with stylised swan logo in rounded rectangle
3 Asahi Refining Canada Limited 加拿大 Asahi Canada in oval and Assayers Refiners in an inner oval. Asahi Canada Assay Office stamp next to fineness
4 Royal Canadian Mint 加拿大 ROYAL CANADIAN MINT and MONNAIE ROYALE CANADIENNE in maple leaf logo with four digit year mark. Landscape layout
5 Dongwu Gold Group Co., Ltd
SUTOU GOLD and three Chinese characters inside a circle with "S" and "T" in art font in the middle
6 Great Wall Precious Metals Co., LTD. of CBPM 中国 GREAT WALL PRECIOUS METALS CO., LTD OF CBPM in oval stamp below REFINED BY CHINA, plus Great Wall logo and circular assay seal
 7  Jiangxi Copper Company Ltd2 中国 JCC under metal loop logo and GUYIE
8 Sichuan Tianze Precious Metals Co., Ltd
Two rings of detailed patterns, the inner ring comprising six joined bats with Chinese character Gui in centre and TZG below
9 Zijin Mining Group Co Ltd2 中国 Double crescent logo with ZIJIN MINING in Roman and Chinese characters. Circular assay mark with ZIJIN MINING in Roman and Chinese characters.
10 Heraeus Ltd Hong Kong
香港 Heraeus Hong Kong within rectangle
11 Metalor Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd
METALOR®  with assay mark M over HK within an inverted triangle and ASSAYERS and MELTERS along the sloping sides of the triangle
12 Asahi Pretec Corp 日本 AKK within a horizontal diamond
13 Mitsubishi Materials Corp.1 日本 Three diamonds mark, and three diamonds mark with ASSAYER MELTER in rectangle
14 Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K.1 日本 TANAKA TOKYO MELTERS around logo and TANAKA TOKYO ASSAY OFFICE around Japanese character
15 LS Nikko Copper Inc1 南韩 Stylised LS logo and LS ASSAYER MELTER in rectangle with new bar numbering system
16 Metalor Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd1 新加坡 METALOR® with an assay seal showing MSG
17 Argor-Heraeus SA1 瑞士 Argor-Heraeus SA in circle around AH with Switzerland below and AH Melter Assayer in rectangle
18 Metalor Technologies SA1 瑞士 METALOR® and assay mark showing Essayeur Fondeur along two sides of triangle and MP within. Patterned bottom surface
19 Pamp SA1 瑞士 PAMP SA Switzerland with company logo (the letters P, A, M, P at the ends of horizontal cylinders) and Essayeur Fondeur in rectangle with company logo
20 Valcambi SA1 瑞士 Valcambi SUISSE. A rectangle enclosing CHI in a circle and ESSAYEUR FONDEUR. Brand mark is a diamond comprising four scalene triangles
21 Rand Refinery (Pty) Ltd 南非 RAND REFINERY below circular brand mark of a pouring crucible
22 Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp.
台湾 SOLAR APPLIED MATERIALS TAIWAN on the inner circumference of a circle surrounding a black-faced spoonbill bird
23 Asahi Refining USA Inc. 美国 Asahi SLC in oval and Assayers Refiners in an inner oval; Asahi Assay Office stamp next to fineness
25 Metalor USA Refining Corp. 美国 METALOR® and MUS inverted triangle assayer's mark including year


1. 精炼厂更新之详情 2021 年 8 月 16 日开始生效

2. 由 2021 年 9月 20 日开始生效。


1 Brink’s Hong Kong Limited 
2 Loomis International (HK) Limited
3 Malca-Amit Secure Logistics Limited


1 Heraeus Ltd Hong Kong
2 Metalor Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd

更新日期 2021年7月16日