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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020

Our role in global financial markets and within our community is one that comes with great responsibility and it is a role that is central to our business strategy. We see ourselves as a change agent, and seek to lead by example, promoting sustainability across our business, operations, and markets, encouraging others to join us in securing a future in which we can all thrive.

Laura M Cha
HKEX Chairman

Our Markets.

As an international exchange operator and market regulator, we regard ourselves as an important catalyst, facilitator, and enabler in shaping effective markets and regulation, bringing together many pieces and players to create a sustainable market ecosystem.

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Our focus areas:

  • Corporate governance
  • ESG
  • Sustainable finance
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

Leading ESG transformation

In our role as a regulator, we are committed to enhancing Hong Kong's ESG regulatory framework towards meeting investors' and stakeholders' expectations in accordance with international best practices. Following our new mandatory disclosure requirements, we launched an ESG training course and published guidance materials to help issuers meet the new ESG reporting requirements within our Listing Rules.

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Setting the STAGE for sustainable finance

Sustainable finance is a cornerstone of future global sustainability and a powerful engine of economic and social growth. In December 2020, we launched STAGE, Asia's first multi-asset sustainable investment product platform. At the heart of STAGE is an online product repository which provides access and transparency on sustainable finance products including sustainability, green, and transition instruments from issuers across a variety of sectors.

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Passport to sustainability in the metals world

Metals remain an essential material across industries, and therefore a key component in building our sustainable future. Following the supportive feedback from its discussion paper on sustainability, the LME, in December, announced plans to move forward with its sustainability strategy to drive meaning change in the metal and mining industries.

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Our People.

As a caring employer and a responsible corporate citizen, we are fully aware of our responsibilities towards our employees across the Group, and to the wider community in which we operate. With our Values front and centre, we cultivate a culture that is healthy, diverse, and inclusive, where everyone can be their true self and fulfil their own potential.

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Our focus areas:

  • Talent development and wellness
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Financial literacy
  • Philanthropy and volunteering

Driving diversity in the workplace and beyond

Diversity is a core value at HKEX, and a critical component of business success and long-term sustainability. We promote diversity within our organisation by offering advocacy and training programmes to our employees and externally by demonstrating business cases for the workplace and beyond.

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Ring the bell for financial literacy

Promoting financial literacy is not only a social responsibility for us, but it enables HKEX and our financial markets to sustain their growth and prosperity. Through our annual Ring the Bell for Financial Literacy, we actively engage with stakeholders including market participants, investors, employees and the community, in order to promote financial literacy.

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Building better communities together

At HKEX, we know that our corporate social responsibilities go well beyond the markets which we operate. To celebrate the launch of the HKEX Foundation, we introduced our flagship $20 million HKEX Charity Partnership Programme, supporting ten long-term community projects on financial literacy, diversity and inclusion, poverty relief, and environmental sustainability.

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Our Operations.

At HKEX, we know that responsible business practices are the key to our long-term success and resilience. We are committed to adopting the best practices in running our business and setting an example to the wider business community in pursuing operational excellence.

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Our focus areas:

  • Business ethics and integrity
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Supply chain sustainability
  • Communications and transparency

Moving towards a paperless future

As an active and responsible global financial markets leader, we are committed to promoting and managing our environmental impact in a responsible way. While we aim to decouple our carbon footprint from business growth, we introduced a number of market practices to drive impactful change across our markets.

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