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Corporate Social Responsibility
Report 2021

As the global sustainability agenda continues to gain momentum, the role that capital markets play in building a more equitable and sustainable economic system, taking the lead in fuelling the low-carbon transition, and driving sustainability, has never been more critical.

Laura M Cha


As an international exchange operator and a market regulator, we play a critical role in building an orderly, transparent and fair financial market while shaping effective regulation and bringing together many pieces and players to create a sustainable financial ecosystem.

Enhancing the Corporate Governance Code

In our role as a regulator, we look to promote corporate governance best practices and standards, through listing rule upgrades, reviews and education. In 2021, we launched and concluded a consultation on enhancing corporate governance standards in Hong Kong, with a specific focus on corporate culture, director independence, diversity, and ESG disclosures and standards.

Introducing the HKEX ESG Academy

We are committed to helping companies take the next step towards embedding ESG into their business practices. The HKEX ESG Academy was launched to guide and educate listed companies and the broader business community in their sustainability journeys, helping them to deliver meaningful and impactful change.

Leading the low-carbon dialogue

Our multi-asset sustainable investment product platform, STAGE, has been gaining momentum since its launch in 2020. To help build and examine Asia’s net-zero journey, we were delighted to host our inaugural HKEX Green Asia Summit in December 2021, where leading practitioners shared their insight on the role of capital markets in supporting the transition to a low-carbon and sustainable economy.


As a caring employer and a responsible corporate citizen, we are fully aware of our responsibilities to both our employees and our communities. With our Values front and centre, we are focused on building a culture that is healthy, diverse, and inclusive. We want to create a place where everyone can be their true self and fulfil their own potential.

Cultivating a learning culture

Our ability to learn, to adapt, and to acquire new knowledge and skills, empowers us to grow and succeed in a fast-changing world. We were recently pleased to launch a new AI-powered learning platform, iLearn, offering high quality, bite-sized learning resources tailored to the interests and needs of our HKEX colleagues.

Celebrating with HKEX Diversity Networks

At HKEX, we believe that embracing diversity helps to foster an inclusive culture, not only in our workplace but also across the wider community. In 2021, we launched HKEX Diversity Networks, focusing on Women, Families, Abilities and the LGBT+ community, celebrating our commitments to diversity, encouraging collaboration and promoting fresh thinking at HKEX and within our communities.

Strengthening community partnerships

Building on the success of the HKEX Charity Partnership Programme, we have scaled up our philanthropic efforts by setting up the new HKEX Impact Funding Scheme to support local charities that do not receive regular government funding. The new Scheme aims to enhance our outreach by channelling $10 million to support short-to-medium term community projects in alignment with HKEX Foundation’s four focus areas.


Responsible corporate practices are the key to business resilience. At HKEX, we are committed to pursuing operational excellence in our business and setting an example to the wider business community – so that our business, our partners and our communities can prosper.

Strengthening information security awareness

Adopting best practices in cyber security protects our business, our customers, our operations, and us as individuals. In 2021, we launched an enhanced cyber security eLearning programme for all employees, designed to raise awareness in line with industry best practices.

Unveiling our new HKEX Connect Hall

The 2021 refurbishment work at HKEX Connect Hall – our iconic venue at the heart of Hong Kong’s financial community – was carried out with sustainability firmly in focus. Throughout the renovation process, we sought to incorporate locally-sourced materials and recycled products, protecting our environment and supporting our community. We even have a carpet made from recycled fishing nets!

Maintaining transparent, timely and open communications

We recognise the importance of timely and effective communications with our broad range of stakeholders; and so we seek to always proactively and openly communicate with them. In 2021, we were delighted to receive a number of awards and accolades in recognition of our communication efforts.

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