Stock Connect: The Road Ahead
Jun 17, 2022

The inclusion of ETFs in Stock Connect is surely a good news to the market – it marks the first step that Mainland investors can access Hong Kong’s ETF market and for international investors to access the Mainland China ETF market via Connect.

Mao Zhirong
Head of Mainland Development

In the latest HKEXVoice podcast, HKEX Head of Mainland Development, Mao Zhirong, spoke about the recent developments in the Stock Connect Programme. He cited several reasons for the immense popularity of the programme, such as its convenience, expanding scope and the constant innovation and enhancements. He noted that the upcoming launch of the inclusion of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) into Stock Connect is great news for the market, allowing Mainland investors for the first time access to Hong Kong’s ETF market, and international investors access to the Mainland China ETF market, via Connect, all in a convenient, trusted, and cost-effective manner. Zhirong said the inclusion of ETFs in Stock Connect is beneficial to investors, as well as supporting the continued sustainable growth of the Mainland and Hong Kong markets. Importantly, he said the inclusion not only helps add diversity and liquidity to both markets, but it also helps improve the efficiency of price discovery and the product development process going forward. Zhirong added that, following the launch of ETF inclusion and based on the track record of the programme growing and evolving, we can look forward to further possible enhancements in the years to come.