Metals and financial industry people converged for the largest commodity event held in Hong Kong in June 2016.

Around 800 people filled into the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to join the Metals Seminar during the day, participating in a wide range of speeches, panel discussions and networking opportunities. About 1,700 guests then put on evening gowns and tuxedos for the traditional black-tie gala dinner that night.

HKEX Chairman C K Chow and Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong SAR government John Tsang kicked off the Metals Seminar. HKEX Chief Executive Charles Li followed by delivering a keynote speech on charting a new course for the development of commodities markets in Hong Kong. LME Chief Executive Garry Jones followed up by explaining the price formation and price taking mechanism in a global framework. (You can watch Charles’ and Garry’s full speeches below.)

1collage_Metals seminar

Check out the keynote speeches of HKEX Chief Executive Charles Li and LME Chief Executive Garry Jones.



The session then broke up into panel discussions and presentations on reinforcing the commodities market to better support the real economy, east and west trading in precious metals, a macro-economic outlook for this year, and whether a vertically-integrated model still relevant in today's commodities world. Li and Jones were reunited on the stage in the afternoon in a live interaction session called “Dialogue with the Chief Executive” that featured live polling and questions from the audience.

After the sessions, guests enjoyed a fine evening of performances and exceptional food at the black-tie dinner. You can check out the photos below.