Updated : 07 Jun 2022

Head: Mr John BUCKLEY

Operations Division comprises the following functions: 


Trading is responsible for serving and admission of exchange participants and structured product issuers, managing the business and operations for the trading of cash market and derivatives market, and developing the rules and policies for secondary market and derivatives market trading. It operates and monitors the respective trading system, and ensures that the trading environment is transparent, fair, orderly and efficient according to the relevant rules and regulations established by the relevant exchange.

Trading is also responsible for managing the business and operations of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Connect.

Market Data

Market Data is responsible for servicing licensed information vendors and end-users, managing sales and business development of market data information products from a wide range of datafeed products, providing real-time and historical data products for brokers, data vendors and other market participants. Through the Investment Service Centre of the HKEX website, Market Data provides market information to the investing public and maintains internal databases for the securities and derivatives markets.

Market Surveillance & Monitoring

Market Surveillance & Monitoring is responsible for monitoring the trading activities of Exchange Participants in cash and derivatives markets, as well as China Connect trading activities, and their compliance with rules and regulations, position limits and large open position reporting requirements in derivatives contracts and performing due diligence check on admission of market makers. It also cooperates with Hong Kong and Mainland regulators on their investigation of cross-boundary market misconduct under China Connect

Clearing & Depository

Clearing & Depository is responsible for maintaining orderly, fair and expeditious clearing and settlement arrangements for the securities, on-exchange derivatives and OTC derivatives markets, providing central securities depository, custody and nominee services, admission of stocks and structured products, implementing strategic initiatives across the Operations Division, and providing hotline and training services to investors and Clearing Participants.

Clearing Risk Management

Clearing Risk Management is responsible for monitoring and ensuring risks faced by the clearing houses as central counterparties are managed prudently, and upholding the integrity and safety of Hong Kong’s securities, on-exchange derivatives and OTC derivatives markets by developing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive risk management framework.

Change Management

Change Management is responsible for implementing strategic initiatives with complete change management for consistent and quality delivery as well as integration while generating high level design standards & principles to guide all projects through the use of standard tooling.

Client Services

Client Services serves as a first contact point for clients to interact with HKEX on operational and technical matters that may arise in the course of their business with our securities and derivatives markets here in Hong Kong. This team was formed in 2022 to oversee various client portals, hotlines, reporting systems and day-to-day interaction channels, with a mandate to constantly improve service quality, efficiency and the ease of being an HKEX customer throughout the entire client journey.