Updated : 01 Jan 2024

The Corporate Communications Division (CCD) is responsible for all Group communications. Working with HKEX management and HKEX divisions, CCD is responsible for creating, implementing and overseeing communications, brand, events, and engagement programmes that protect and enhance the reputation of the business.

Through consistent, considered, transparent and timely communications about the business activities, operations, strategies, and initiatives of HKEX, CCD seeks to engage with a wide range of stakeholders and to mobilise internal and external support for corporate objectives.

CCD consists of the following functions:

Media Relations

Media Relations is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with the global print, broadcast and digital media, communicating HKEX's messages and developing a broader and better understanding of what the business does and the initiatives it is working on. The team develops communications messages, meets and speaks with members of the press, and closely monitors how the business and the industry is being represented in the local, regional and global media.

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications is responsible for overseeing the development of our brand, flagship events, design, executive communications, thought leadership, our CSR programme and the HKEX Foundation. The team is forward looking and seeks to implement strategic communications programmes that support our Group and business strategy.

Internal & Digital Communications

Internal & Digital Communications manages all internal and digital platforms, ensuring that they are engaging, forward thinking, and serving the needs of the business. The team manages communication between Group leadership and employees, as well as communicating all internal programmes and initiatives. Digital includes oversight of the Group website (HKEXGroup.com) and the Hong Kong Markets website (HKEX.com.hk), as well as photo and video production. The team also manages HKEX’s gift offering. 

Events Management

Events Management supports strategic and core business initiatives across HKEX Group. The team manages HKEX’s Group corporate and business events, organises listing ceremonies, market open and closing ceremonies, commercial events, conferences, celebrations and internal events. The team also oversees the Groups translation services and is responsible for HKEX’s Interactive Voice Response System, handles written enquiries, and coordinates exchange and museum visits.