Updated : 27 Jul 2022
YIU Kin Wah, Stephen
YIU Kin Wah, Stephen
Independent Non-executive Director
Aged 62

Director since 26 April 2017
Term of office: 28 April 2021 (re-appointed) to 2023 AGM
Other positions held with HKEX group
HKEX - chairman of Audit Committee, member of Listing Operation Governance Committee and Risk Committee
The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited - member of Listing Nominating Committee
The London Metal Exchange - independent non-executive director, chairman of Audit and Risk Committee, and member of Remuneration Committee 
LME Clear Limited - independent non-executive director, chairman of Audit Committee, and member of Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee
Other major offices
ANTA Sports Products Limited * - independent non-executive director (2018~) 
China Mobile Limited
* - independent non-executive director (2017~)
Past offices
KPMG International - member of executive committee and board (2011-2015) 
KPMG Asia Pacific - member of board (2011-2015) and executive committee (2009-2015)             
KPMG China (including Hong Kong) (1983-2015): chairman and chief executive officer (2011-2015), deputy chairman (2010-2011), audit partner-in-charge (2007-2010), and partner (1994-2015)
Public service
Insurance Authority - chairman (2021~) and non-executive director (2015~) 
Independent Commission Against Corruption Complaints Committee - member (2019~)
Exchange Fund Advisory Committee - member (2018~)
Professional Diploma in Accountancy (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 
Master in Business Administration (Warwick University, UK) 
Fellow (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales ) 

* Listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited