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Trade Tickers File - Securities Market (CSV Format)
Product Description:
Daily file provides information on each trade ticker, which is an aggregation of trades matched on the same securities counter, of the same trade type, at the same price and at the same time, in CSV format.

Data contents : stock code, transaction time, trade type. traded price and aggregated quantity, etc.

Stock coverage : all stocks tradable on the Main Board and GEM including ordinary and preference shares, equity warrants and derivatives warrants, etc.

The file is normally available at around 10:00pm on each trading day.
First Issue Date: 01-Oct-2013
Issue Basis: Daily
Subscription Basis: Monthly
Unit Price: HK$ 1500 / Month
Discount Offers: Academics 50% off;
Bulk discount 15% off
Delivery Method:
Web Download On-line Download

     File Specification - (w.e.f. 20 Mar 2023)
     File specification - 22 Jan 2018 to 17 Mar 2023
     Sample File - (w.e.f. 20 Mar 2023)
     Sample File - present format
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