Fixed Fee Programme for Southbound Brokers

(Updated 29 Sep 2020)


To facilitate the provision of real-time data of eligible stocks on Mainland brokers’ trading platform for Shanghai-Hong Kong ("SH-HK") and Shenzhen-Hong Kong ("SZ-HK") Connect southbound trading, a Fixed Monthly Fee (5 depths) Service is available since 1 March 2015 (duration subject to regular review).  

Programme Details:

  • Mainland brokers who are eligible to participate in the SH-HK and SZ-HK Connect can opt to pay a Fixed Monthly Fee to offer 5 depths real-time data of eligible stocks to unlimited number of clients within Mainland China.
  • The Fixed Monthly Fee Service is applicable to subscribers who are physically located in Mainland China region (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions). IVs should have sufficient technical control to restrict access of data within Mainland China only.
  • Only licensed IVs could redistribute HKEX data therefore Mainland brokers are required to apply for vendor licence if they wish to sign up for the Programme.            
Eligible Stocks:
  • 5 depths streaming data of SEHK equities Note
  • Fee: HK$250,000 per broker per month.

  • Special Discount: HK$125,000 per broker per month until 31 December 2021.

Programme Duration:
  • From 1 March 2015 to 31 December 2021


Note: Please refer to the “Product Type” under Security Definition in the OMD Interface Specifications for Securities Market & Index Datafeed Products for the definition of Equity.

List of Participating Mainland Brokers


For enquiries, please contact us via email: MarketData@hkex.com.hk