Daily Charge Service Programme

(Updated 29 Sep 2020)


To provide IVs and Mainland brokers with a more flexible subscription fee structure, in addition to the monthly charge and per quote services, a Daily Charge Service (10 depths) Service is available since 1 March 2015 (duration subject to regular review). 

Programme Details:


  • All licensed IVs for real-time securities market data could now offer Daily Charge Service to their Third Party Service Clients.
  • The Daily Charge Service is charged based on the number of days that subscribers of IV’s Third Party Service Clients have access to the real-time data (“no. of connection days”).
  • The Daily Charge Service is applicable to Mainland retail subscribers only.  IVs should have sufficient technical control to restrict access of data within Mainland China only.
  • Please note that Daily Charge Service is only applicable to Third Party Services


  • Level 2 (10 depths) streaming data of all instruments traded on SEHK


  • Daily Subscriber Fees: HK$5 per Subscriber per day
  • Special Discount: HK$3.5 per Subscriber per day until end of 2021
  • Minimum Subscription: 2,000 connection days per month per Third Party Service Client
Programme Duration: From 1 March 2015 to 31 December 2021

For enquiries, please contact us via email: MarketData@hkex.com.hk