Participant Information Changes (SEOCH)

Only changes (status, contact details, etc.) of the respective participants' information are shown.  Please refer to the information of the current Clearing House Participants for more details.

Effective Date Name of Participant Change of Participant Information
22/12/2008 SBI E2-Capital Financial Services Ltd Change of Company Name
(previous name: SBI E2-Capital Brokerage Ltd)
06/10/2008 Macquarie Capital Securities Ltd New SEOCH Participant
(Category : DCP)
06/10/2008 Macquarie Equities ( Asia) Ltd Termination of SEOCH Participant
17/09/2008 Hing Wong Securities Ltd New SEOCH Participant
(Category : DCP)
16/09/2008 Lehman Brothers Securities Asia Ltd Suspension of SEOCH Participantship
05/09/2008 Goldman Sachs ( Asia) Securities Ltd Change of Participantship Category
(from DCP to GCP)

Updated 25 Sep 2017